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Title: 당신의 조각들 (Pieces of You) (Feat. Jisun)
Artist: Epik High
Album: Pieces, Part One
Plays: 3,247 plays

Epik High - 당신의 조각들 (Pieces of You) (Feat. Jisun)
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Your eyes were the first mirror of my life.
I want to resemble my young, pure self reflected in them, again.
Your Gemini star made even the great Milky Way seem colorless.
The rapids in the river shed even my sorrows for me.
I want to pour the countless tears back again.
I wished to hide in those two eyes, back in the little days you meant the world to me.
Your two hands were the first scales of my life.
They were the globe of my life, that would weigh the lies and truths the world gave us.
The lesson you taught me was the feather to my bony wings. 
I remember the winter when not only my two hands but even the time froze, and the snowman I made with you.
I want to hear the sound of the bell in the cold wind again.
Back in the days when I would hold your two hands warmly.
Your eyes, your hands.
I want to hold your hands, looking into your eyes forever.
I want to turn back the time already. 

You know I do, I do love you.
Even the sight of you growing tired.
Even the sight of you growing smaller from the back.
I love you.
I do love you.

Every little piece of you.
I love you. 

Sometimes I want to control time and have it in my hands.
I want to send it over to you so that you can become me.
I want to be absorbed in the song of spring, from your young days.
I, too, want to touch your young cheeks.
Though you’ve divided your life in half and dedicated the first half to me,
And also dedicated the rest of your life to me again,
All that my insignificant self can give you is the health that you’ve wished to have for all your life.
After endlessly getting things from you, I want to give you something in return
But is it so hard to accept everything from me, stack them in a pile and take a rest? Is that why you’re rejecting all of it?
I don’t want you to be still becoming tired from work, because it will only make you sick.
Because of my sin, blacker than the old stains on your clothes, it has snowed on your hair.
It makes my heart painfully cold, suffocating me.
When another day of separation passes again today and I enter my dream,
I’ll go look for you. I’ll follow you.
I’ll live my life in your footsteps.
There’s not much time left in the sandglass between the two of us.
May we rest in the desert of happiness for a long time.

Every little piece of you.
I love you. 

(You know I do, I do love you.
Even the sight of you growing tired.
Even the sight of you growing smaller from the back.)

(Your eyes, your hands.
I want to hold your hands, looking into your eyes forever.
I want to turn back the time already.)

(Dad, I love you.)

Cr: epikhightrans@tumblr

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